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1995: Josh Haden and his band Spain release their debut, slowcore genre-defining defying deifying album The Blue Moods Of Spain, which contains such almost-hits as "Untitled #1" and "Spiritual". Johnny Cash records "Spiritual" for his 1996 Rick Rubin-produced album "Unchained". Major label bidding war ensues. All band activity shuts down at the behest of major labels.

1999: After three years, Josh decides to escape Hollywood and record Spain's sophomore album, She Haunts My Dreams, on an island in the Swedish Archipelago. The band returns to the open arms of fans in Europe and the U.S. "Every Time I Try" appears in the hit TV show "Six Feet Under".

2001: The Major Label Bidding War finally implodes with cruel finality and Josh records the third and final album for his indie recording contract with no label support or producer. Josh decides to quit music forever and embarks on requisite six-year period of "self-discovery", AKA Josh enters "The Heart Of Darkness".

2012: Brought back to life in part by hip-hop producer Dan The Automator, in part by European label (and world's biggest Spain fans) Glitterhouse, Josh Haden's Spain release their fourth studio album, Soul Of Spain. Three years in the making, "Soul" is one half older songs, one half brand new songs, and his audience welcomes him with open-minded enthusiasm.

2014: Fueled by a new recording contract with North American label Dine Alone, Josh and Spain record their fifth studio album, Sargent Place, on Sargent Place with Beck and Black Keys alum Gus Seyffert. More European touring commences along with their first U.S. dates outside Los Angeles in over ten years.

2016: Abandoned by Dine Alone, but still championed by Glitterhouse, Josh records sixth Spain studio album Carolina with a new producer, new studio, and new outlook. The result is what both fans and critics claim is the best sounding, most emotional, most personal, most best songwriting Spain album since 1995's Blue Moods. Spain embarks on an electrifying series of concerts in Europe and begins an open-ended Los Angeles residency celebrated for it's unpredictability and dangerous attraction to magical improvisation, unbelievable guest musicians, and fist fights amongst audience members.

2017: Spain begins releasing live recordings of their ongoing Los Angeles Love Song residency. Glitterhouse puts out a compilation of these recordings on vinyl; Live At The Love Song is available in June 2017. More European touring is planned.

2018: Spain signs to Dangerbird Records in the U.S. and releases seventh studio album, [spain mandala brush], to wide acclaim. The album is released in Europe on Glitterhouse. Spain embarks on a one month tour of Europe to celebrate the release; joining the tour is Josh's sister, violinist and singer Petra Haden, who also figures prominently on the album. More European and U.S. touring is planned for 2019.

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Los Angeles, California
Founded in 1993 by Josh Haden, Spain is a band from Los Angeles, CA. They've released seven studio albums over the past 25 years, the first being 1995's Blue Moods Of Spain, available from Warner Bros., the most recent being 2018's [spain mandala brush], available from Dangerbird Records (North America) and Glitterhouse Records (Europe).

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